Protecting National Security and Civil Liberties

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Senator Daniel K. Inouye was committed throughout his career to not just create opportunities that opened doors for our children for generations to come, but focused on ways to impart the values of moral courage, bipartisanship and civic engagement in our youth.

Select video segments that are both searchable and transcribed for ease of use will be available for download soon.

The lecture is intended to stimulate discussions, encourage inquiry, and challenge viewers to commit to action. As additional lectures take place, they will be added to this page.


Video Segments

Secretary Mineta & Executive Order 9066

Tags: Norman Mineta; Secretary of Transportation; Executive Order 9066; 1942; WWII; internment camps; non-alien; United States Citizen; San Juanita; Japanese Americans; baseball; 

Growing Up in Cody, WY During WWII

Tags: Alan Simpson; Cody, Wyoming; WWII; Pearl Harbor; December 7th;  Japan; internment camps; 1942; Boy Scouts; 

Lessons from the Internment Camps

Tags: Internment camps; ISIS; Japanese Americans; Issei; Nisei;  refugees; 

Glimpse Into the PEOC on September 11th

Tags: Sept 11; 9-11; Secretary of Transportation; Norman Mineta; PEOC; White House; Federal Aviation Administration; stand down; TSA; racial profiling; ethnic profiling; Arab Americans; President George W. Bush;

The Patriot Act and Privacy

Tags: Alan Simpson; Patriot Act; Sept 11, 9-11; US Senate; national security; U.S. Supreme Court; Constitution; racism; privacy; Freedom Act; Edward Snowden; 

The National Security Debate and Bipartisan Immigration Reform

Tags: Norman Mineta; Alan Simpson; FISA; Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; Patriot Act; Arab Americans; 1942; national security; Executive Branch; Congress; Judicial Branch; immigration; bipartisan; legislation; 

American Values Through the Eyes of the World

Tags: Alan Simpson; Norman Mineta; American values; national security; privacy rights; identification;

Refugees: Balancing National Security with Humanitarianism

Tags: Alan Simpson; Norman Mineta; Syria; 

NSA: Creating a Virtual Internment Camp

Tags: Norman Mineta; Alan Simpson; NSA; surveillance; privacy rights; drones; social media; Apple; San Bernadino

The Militarization of Local Police Forces

Tags: Alan Simpson; militarization; police; Ferguson; weapons;

Shutting Down Guantanamo

Tags: Norman Mineta; Alan Simpson; Guantanamo; President Obama; prisoners; 

MIneta and Simpson: “Friendship is a beautiful thing”

Tags: Alan Simpson; Norman Mineta; reparations bill; internment camps; President George W Bush; Clarence Thomas; lifelong friends;