Restoring the American Dream

Full Lecture Video

The “Restoring the American Dream” lecture featured E.J. Dionne (The Washington Post) and Ross Douthat (The New York Times) and was moderated by Ann Compton (Former ABC News White House Correspondent). This is the fourth lecture, in a five-year series.

Since its first use by James Truslow Adams, on the eve of the New Deal, the idea of the “American Dream” has been referenced often in our political discourse. While it powerfully symbolizes the ideals of American prosperity and opportunity, there is increasing recognition among Republicans and Democrats alike that the American Dream is receding, because many are finding it more difficult to make a living, to purchase real-estate and sustain payments on a mortgage, or to receive a high quality public school education.

We hope a conversation titled “Restoring the American Dream” provides room to reflect on the original “American Dream” as well as present an opportunity to explore the different ways Republicans and Democrats think about it, and imagine the future of the Dream.